Bachelor of Education.(B.Ed)

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

The duration of the B.Ed course shall extend over a period of one academic year of two semesters. The duration of the first semester is of 16 weeks and second semester is of 22 weeks.

First Semester

A. Hard Core Courses: 

Course -I Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives of Education
Course –II Psychology of theLearner
Course -III Instructional Process

B. Soft Core Courses:

Soft Core Course –I (Methodology of Teaching subject-I)
Soft Core Course - II (Methodology of Teaching subject-II)

C.  Term Work (Pre-instructional practice)

i) Pre internship Field learning
ii) Practice of Communication Skills -One episode  each in teaching subject –I and II
iii) Micro Teaching - Practice of 5 presentation skills each in Teaching subject I and II
iv) Mini Teaching-Practice of one Mini Lesson each in Teaching subject I and II

D. Open/ Self Study Elective:

This course shall be offered by the colleges with the approval of BOS in Education

Second Semester

A. Hard Core Courses:

Course –IV Psychology of the Learning process
Course -   School Management
Course – VI Contemporary Issues and challenges in Secondary Education

B. Soft Core Courses:

Soft core Course –III (Methodology of Teaching subject-I)
Soft Core Course - IV (Methodology of teaching subject-II)

C. Elective Course: any ONE of the Following

      • Action Research
      • Guidance and Counseling
      • Technology of Education
      • Distance Education
      • Women’s Education
      • Value Education
      • Environmental Education
      • Computer Education
      • Health & Physical Education
      • Inclusive Education
      • Multimedia & E-Learning 
      • History of Indian Education
      • Economics of Education

D. Term Work (Internship in teaching)

Soft core Teaching subject -I
Soft core Teaching subject–II

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