Books are chief instrument of Education and Library is centre of intellectual life so the B.G.S College of Education is proud of good and comprehensive central library with most modern facilities catering to the academic needs of the students and teaching community.

The library consists of Encyclopedia, National and International Journals, Magazines, Periodicals, News papers, Collection of articles, Audio-visual CDs and DVDs, Project reports of the students and various syllabus and topic and also general issues are maintained in the library for reference.

The question paper and scheme of valuation of the previous years are filled for the proper guidance and ideas for students and teachers for the examination. The process of computerizing and library operation like catalogues, user’s details has been initiated. The reference sections for the staff members also existing. More than 5000 number of books and volume, 04 journals in addition, 16 popular magazines are being subscribed periodically. The library works between 9.00am to 5.30pm on all working days.

The college Library is spacious and well ventilated. As the Library is in the first floor of the building, it is free from all sorts of disturbances and provides hassle free and stimulating atmosphere for better reference. The books have been stocked in separate selves accordingly for the best references for the students. The Library is well furnished having the capacity of more than 100 students at a time. We have provided the opportunity of utilizing the library facilities during their free hours and also during holidays with proper guidelines.